Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

Well, we've been here in Washington for almost 5 months. Honestly, it feels longer. I feel so settled and content here that it seems like my life in New York was eons ago! Craig is loving his new job and he's enjoying much more family friendly hours. Hutner's alreadyinvolved in Gymboree and lots of local playgroups. I've joined a local mom's group and made a lot of friends. Evne Jeep seems to be settled into life here, with a new boyfriend and tons of au pair freinds. Life is good.

We've had some freakish weather lately. Not nearly as much rain as I expected (ok, dreaded), but the last few days have been consistent on and off snow. Sometimes flurries and sometimes an all out blizzard type snowfall. The strangest thing (and the saving grace) is that it never sticks. We might wake up with snow on the ground but it's always gone by the afternoon. Much to my surprise, I’m actually loving the weather out here (for the most part). It's hardly ever very cold and we get plenty of sunshine.Hunter loves being outside. We recently gave him a tricycle as an early birthday gift and he loves riding it around. Actually, he just sits on it while I use the push bar but he surprised me today with his superior handling -he's definitely getting the feel for "steering" and he's even starting to try pedaling.

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